Research Integrity, LLC 


About Us

Dr. Kishor Vora began his research department with a desire to improve healthcare for the purpose of bettering the lives of patients.  He strives to be a leader and never settles for mediocrity.  A meager beginning with a desk and a chair in the drug closet and a nurse doubling as a coordinator began the journey of becoming a leader in the healthcare industry.  Years later, we have a large facility, many dedicated research staff, and enough support staff to conduct any phase or type of clinical trial.
Other physicians in the community share the same dream and now work with us conducting studies in their field of specialty.  This growth created a need for more research dedicated people and a new partnership was established in April 2009 creating what is now known as Research Integrity.  Research Integrity has become a world known research group, conducting studies for many pharmaceutical and device companies.  We continue to grow and improve gaining experience, knowledge and compassion for the industry we serve and the patients we are dedicated to helping.

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