Research Integrity, LLC 

                                    Services Offered

Cardiac Consultation
Kishor Vora, MD,FACC, FSCAI
Interventional Cardiologist
Endovascular Specialist   

Invasive Procedures
Cardiac Catheterization, Angioplasty & Stenting
Carotid Artery Angioplasty & Stenting
Mesenteric Artery Angioplasty & Stenting
PFO Closure
Pacemaker, ICD & BiV implant
Peripheral Angiography & Stenting /LASER
Renal Angiography & Stenting

Screening Exams
(Most insurances do not cover screenings)
Calcium (Heart) Score - $199
Whole Body Scan - $599
Virtual Exam - $749 (includes whole body scan, bone mineral density, carotid artery screen, abdominal aorta screen & leg pressure screen)
Lung Scan (CT) - $350
Vascular Screening (includes bone mineral density, carotid artery screen, abdominal aorta screen& leg pressure screen) - $199
Virtual Colonoscopy - $899
Body Mass Composition Analysis $20

Varicose Vein Closure with Dr. Vora
Spider Vein Treatment
Peripheral Artery Disease Clinic
Unna Boot Application

Rejuve - Wellness Program
Fatigue Management
Hormone Balancing
Sleep Disturbances (not associated with Sleep Apnea)

Rejuve - Medical Weight Loss Clinic
Replacement Meals
HcG (prescription) diet
B12 injections
Body Mass Composition Analysis

IV Antibiotic Infusion

Clinical Laboratory
Todd Stiles, MD, Medical Director
CLIA Certified, Full Service Laboratory

Immediate Care Center (Walk-in Clinic)
Open 7 days a week
Cardiac Symptoms / Chest Pain
Minor sickness and injuries
Physicals (School, Sport & Employment)

X-RAY Diagnostic Exams

Owensboro Advanced Sleep Medicine
Robert Pope, MD, FAASM, FCCP
Specialty in Sleep Medicine
Day & Night Studies

Owensboro Primary Care
Internal Medicine
Aseedu Kalik, MD
American Board of Addictive Medicine
Mahesh Moolani, MD
Shirish Patel, MD

Family Medicine
Bradley King, MD
Kathy Lewis, PA-C

Physical Therapy
Nathan Ladd, PT/OCS
Windy Willey, PTA

Research Integrity
Clinical Research

The Hancock Clinic
Curtina Beliles, PA-C
Robert Pope, MD, FAASM, FCCP
Diagnostic X-RAY
Laboratory Services

The McLean Clinic
Donna Curry, APRN
Laboratory Services

The Muhlenberg Clinic
Cardiac and Sleep Clinic
Kishor Vora, MD, FACC,FSCAI
Robert Pope, MD, FAASM, FCCP
Laboratory Services

Nuclear Medicine Exams
Hepatobiliary Scan (HIDA Scan)
Cardiac SPECT Scan

PET/CT Department
Cardiac PET
Oncology PET - FDG - neck/thigh
Oncology PET - FDG - whole body

CT (64 slice) Angiography
Dr. Vora is certified Level III in Coronary & Vascular Interpretation

CT (64 slice) Exams - Diagnostic

Ultrasound Exams - Diagnostic
Including Echocardiogram and Stress Echocardiogram
Carotid Artery Exam
Aorta Ultrasound
Ankle/Brachial Indices
Radial/Brachial Indices
Gallbladder, Liver, Pancreas Ultrasound
Mesenteric Ultrasound
Renal Ultrasound
Soft Tissue Ultrasound
Spleen Ultrasound
Thyroid Ultrasound
Venous Ultrasound

24- Hour Blood Pressure Monitor
24 - Hour Holter Monitor
Autonomic Nervous System (ANSAR)
Bone Mineral Density
Event Monitor
Nerve Conduction Study
Pulmonary Function Test with DLCO
T-wave Alernans
Tilt Table

Angina - Non-invasive Treatment
External Counter Pulsation (ECP)


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